Why choose installing air knives?
March 16 , 2020

Installing an air knife for blowing with compressed air is often effective when the object has a large cover width. All Licheng Blade pneumatic knives have the optimum combination of high blowing force, low energy consumption and low sound levels.

Compressed air operated air knives can be utilized as a barrier in some applications to prevent contaminants from one area getting into another area. This is possible because of the laminar flow produced by the air knives. The small amount of compressed air exists the air knife gap and entrains the surrounding air on each side of that exit point. But that arrow sheet of air keeps the two sides separate.

There are major savings to be made when blowing with compressed air. Open pipes are often used for blowing with compressed air in fixed installations. In the long run, this is an inefficient and energy intensive method, as open pipes cause turbulence. Accordingly, to increase efficiency and reduce energy consumption, the air knives used should reduce turbulence and utilize the compressed air optimally.


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