Paper industrial knife involves various type like circular slitter knife, multi-edge bottom knife, slotter knife etc which with different shapes such as circular, straight, toothed and so on. And the applicaton is to slitting, rewinding, perforating and guillotine cutting.

-Paper cutting blades with various type of trimming knife, slotter knife,  thin blade suitable for assembly line production.

The edge of the paperboard cut by our blade is flat and smooth without flattening, which improves the overall quality and appearance of the paperboard. In particular, it could fundamentally improve the quality of subsequent printing process.

-Cut off knife is designed specially for corrugator cutting machines, with straight blades(rejection blades) or spiral blades based on your requirements. Generally, choose 45# steel as material and cutting edge is HSS. Straight blades are generally used for lower speed corrugators and spiral blades are installed on high speed corrugators.

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