• Aug 25 , 2022 Material of Tpylex
    Tpylex is a kind of material which mainly used for metal slitter knife, steel plate shearing machine knife, and guillotine shear knife. The component of Tpylex are: C: 0.47, Mn: 0.5, Si: 0.60, Cr: 1.50, Mo: 0.75, V: 0.15, Ni: 4.30
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  • Jun 09 , 2022 Common Shear Blade Materials
    Cold-rolled and hot-rolled sheet steel are the common materials used to manufacture shear blades. For hot-rolled plate The disadvantage of hot-rolled plate is that some sulfides, oxides, silicates, etc. inside the hot-rolled steel will be extruded and thinned, resulting in non fusion and delamination. This will reduce the tensile force of the steel, and may cause interlayer cracking when the weldi...
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  • Mar 13 , 2022 Knives for paper industry
    LC blade conventional products for paper manufacturing industry include blade for cutting rest concreted paper pulp, separating blade in pulp period, all kinds of scraper in coating period and circular rewinder cutting blade, slitter blade, crossing-cutting blade in final processing period. Among them, the circular slitting blade which used in processing paper for daily use is most popular in the ...
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  • Feb 22 , 2022 High quality slitting blades
    Roller shearing machine blade is made of high-quality wear-resistant material. Slitting blades are high precision and wear resistance, oil resistance, heat resistance, acid and alkali resistance after forging, heat treatment and grinding. It can be used for a long time without deformation, so it could ensure the accuracy of slitting size. In particular, it has obvious effect on slitting sensi...
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  • Jan 12 , 2022 Introduction of slitting knives
    Slitting knives are mainly used in automatic product line for plate opening roll, correcting level and vertical cutting. The material of slitting knives are Cr12Mov, GCr15, LD, LD+Ni, DC53, H13, H13K, W18Cr4V, 6CrW2Si and so on. They could be used both at cold and hot cutting, slitting, trimming and shearing soft, hard, thin, moderate, and thick plates, including stainless steel plate, silicon ste...
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  • Dec 10 , 2021 Uses of hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel
    When we choose slitter blade, it may involves hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. The processing way at the mill decided which steel is matched. In general, hot rolling is a mill process which involves rolling the steel at a high temperature.(usually over 1700°F),it can be shaped and formed easily, and even could be made in much larger size. While compare to hot rolled steel,  cold rolled...
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  • Nov 01 , 2021 Features of paper-cutting knife and trimming knife
    The paper cutting knife is generally used for ordinary paper-dividing tools. According to the different specifications of the equipment, the quantity of needed knives are also different accordingly, usually with 3 sets , 4 sets and 6 sets, and each sets with one upper knife and one lower knife. Trimming knife is generally used for automatic slotting machine,based on the original four groups o...
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  • Jun 02 , 2021 Features of slotted printing tools
    Box folding area is completed by the carton slotting knife, which consists of upper tools like upper front blade, upper rear blade, corn cutter and bottom tools like bottom round blade, anvil cover, round corning anvil. Slotting upper tool is sector in shape with serrated or crescent-shaped blades. Slotting bottom tool is an entire circle and chest in shape, while corn cutter includes three types ...
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  • May 24 , 2021 How to choose grinding wheels for better using your slitter blades
    Slitter blades will rub with boards during operation, resulting in blade blunding. Therefore, it is neccessary to shapen blades with grinding wheels. Slitter blades made of different materials should be sharpened with correspondinggrinding wheels. For example, you can choose CBN(cubic boron nitride) grinding wheel for high-speed steel thin blade, with particle size ranging from 100#-150#; While tu...
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